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Rehab and Sports Med Outfitters

Rehab and Sports Med Outfitters combines education, orthopedic products, and physical performance to help educate their clients about common injuries and how to prevent them. Their ClinicGym offers the opportunity to work out under the guidance of therapists who have been extensively trained in techniques to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and injury avoidance


Identity & Branding, Print


Rehab & Sports Med Outfitters




Marketing Rehab and Sports Med Outfitters proved challenging initially due to the broad nature of the services they offer. From orthopedic products to supervised training, they're a one stop shop. 

We began their identity package with a logo that tried to emulate a sports team, and continued that through all of their other materials, from large format banner stands to rewards cards. 

Large Format

The players turned out to be a key part of Rehab's brand. These banner stands took different athletes representing multiple sports and matched the color scheme used on the icons in their logo. This turned into a key part of their brand, showing up on everything from their post cards to the banners hanging in their gym. Their brand was designed to speak specifically to athletes.

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