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About Patrick


Candid and passionate, Patrick Sauber has always been interested in the creative arts. After attending college for computer animation, he shifted his focus to more traditional 2D graphic design and starting working in an agency environment. With years of design experience he eventually eventually founded Sauber Design hoping to find a better way to help small businesses find their identity.

Patrick has experience in traditional Illustration, project management, graphic design, magazine/catalog layout, package design, logo design, social media marketing and much more.

Don't be afraid to drop a line!

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Selected Clients

- Simply Modern Homes

- Simply Modern Realtor


- Rehab & Sports Med

- Stevenson Transfer

- Tomco

- Progsmith Software

- Silverleaf Resorts

- Circle Systems

- Better Bakehouse

- Vito Coffee

- Arte Artifacts

- Seasalt

- Tune Speaker

- Alpha Source

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