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JohnTalk is an online resource portal that was created for PolyJohn, inc. by Adventure Marketing Solutions as a lead-generation tool to help customers start a portable sanitation operation or improve an existing portable restroom business. 


Print, Digital & Web, Social Media Advertising





Marketing Agency

Adventure Marketing Solutions


The overall look and feel of JohnTalk's print material was designed primarily by me while working for Adventure Marketing Solutions. From lead generation white papers to infographics, all of the designs needed to be inviting and instantly recognizable. 

One of the main goals was to separate the materials for those looking to start a business from those trying to expand an existing one. To achieve this, all "startup" materials were given a blue overlay, while the "expanders" materials have an orange one. 

Social Media Advertising

Continuing the design choices used to differentiate different demographics within the JohnTalk community, social media ads were created to retarget any customers that didn't fully complete the lead-magnet downloads. Using custom audiences in Facebook's Ads Manager, we were able to increase conversions and generate more leads with better ROI. 

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