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Lionel's Grand Adventure

Lionel's Grand Adventure is a children's book series writting by Paul Higgerson. We were commissioned to develop the character's look and a brand for the series. 


Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration


Paul Higgerson




“Children will laugh at the comical adventure Lionel undertakes... Lionel discovers the Golden Rule of treating others how you want to be treated. A valuable lesson that is often forgotten.”


— Stacie Theis, beachboundbooks


The Series

A number of books were written, and it was  decided that branding each book with a different image of Lionel and a specific color would make them easily identifiable. The images of Lionel were setup to reflect his ordeals in each story. For example, wearing a Santa hat and wrapping the logo with lights for Lionel's Christmas adventure. 

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